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guide de jeu Rf online Les Bellato Les bellato sont la racedefensive/Support du jeu La seule classe qu' ils possedent capable de faire des dommages consequents par rapport aux autres races est leur *hidden soldier ranger* en plus de faire de gros degats les ranger bellato peuvent tanker grace leur magie d 'evasion Job pertahanan Accretia memfokuskan diri untuk melawan segala serangan force musuh Di-rumorkan Mercenary memiliki tingkat Block Rate terbesar ke 2 dari 3 bangsa setelah Shield Miller Bellato Dan memiliki Defense terbesar ke 2 juga setelah Black Knights Cora namun memiliki tingkat pertahanan diri (survivality) yang terkuat selama pertarungan

[TIPS] Farming Menggunakan Armor Rider Bellato

Jan 11 2015Untuk mendapatkan MAU maka player RF harus mengeluarkan modal uang bangsa yang tidak sedikit maka dari itu dibuatlah guide singkat ini Level 1-30 Player RF cukup mengikuti instruksi quest yang diberikan jangan lupa untuk mengambil quest armor intense level 35 karena armor itu sangat membantu untuk GB PT jangan lupa untuk mengambil profesi

Solution home RF Online Beginner Guide Levels and Skills(PT Points) Modified on Tue Mar 8 2016 at 7 18 PM Did you find it helpful? Yes No Send feedback Sorry we couldn't be helpful Help us improve this article with your feedback Related Articles Defense Gauge Bellato Novice Guide

Jun 18 2014Before the three nations were hostile towards each other Bellato Union had learned high tech machinery from Accretians and spiritual powers from Corites Because of this Bellatians today use both machinery and magic to further civilization Classes Bellato offers four classes you can choose from Warrior Ranger Spiritualist and Specialist

RF Online Zones - Bellato Race Background Bellato RF Online Zones - Independent Bellato quests guide RF Bellato Quests - lvl 1 to 30 from askterix Level 1 (1)Hunt Young Flem 0/5 - Location F 7 (3)Hunt Flem 0/10 - Location G 6 Achieve Level 3 0/1 Reward Dalant - 1558 Contribution Points - 150 Level 5 Weapon Level 4 Shield

Miller (Lv30) Millers are warriors focused on defense They are commonly seen wielding a sword and shield combination rather than 2-handed weapons They play an important role in the Bellato ranks Class Bonus • Melee PT 61 143 • Defense PT 34 393 • Shield PT 34 393 • Basic Melee Skill 2 500 (to all)

Part 1 RF Class and play guide

RF Online your old friend Welcome to our site!RF Online Gold guide which selected from the other website I will post this guide as two article If you are interested in this guide just keep paying You are here Home RF Online News Part 1 RF Class and play guide RF Online News Events Guides you go to sheild Miller because

RF online infoseite alles was man ber rf online wissen sollte bevor man spielt! Bellato Classes Ranger Desperado (Lv30) Desperado take advantage of both long range and close range skills to dominate the battle They are looked at as the damage-dealing junior ranger class Shield Miller (Lv40)

I'm trying to decide between making my Bell either a Berserker or a Shield Miller as I like them both and I thought this would be a good chance to meet halfway and go Armsman but do I really want an attack and defense balance? Does anyone know any good cheats for RF online legend of elven? General 1 Answer Ask A Question Browse More

Nov 19 2014Bellato Warior Lv 40 Berseker [ Lv 40 ] Berserkers sangat baik di pertarungan jarak dekat Mereka memberikan sejumlah besar kerusakan memiliki skill double crash dengan delay yang cukup sebentar dan memiliki skill menambah hindaran Shield Miller [ Lv 40 ] Rising Force (RF) menceritakan tentang pertempuran 3 bangsa yang tiada akhir

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[Guide] Ranger Cross Shield Miller RF Online Ke unggulan +Jago dalam pvp +Menguasai 2 senjata armor+shield dan skil beraneka ragam Skill-skill bellato beserta keterangannya RF Onlin Cara bikin injure RF Online Pengetahuan dasar RF Online yg mungkin belum kamu

RF online infoseite alles was man ber rf online wissen sollte bevor man spielt! Bellato Classes Ranger Desperado (Lv30) Desperado take advantage of both long range and close range skills to dominate the battle They are looked at as the damage-dealing junior ranger class Shield Miller (Lv40)

Crafting in Rf? — MMORPG Forums

In rf online with no crafters there would be a lot of problems to say the least Crafters on RF can make Ammo Armors Weapons and so on The ammo made by crafting can do a lot more dmg than normal ammo and higher level armor doesnt seem to drop too often thuis for level 50 armor and so on crafters will most likely be a neccessity

Dec 19 2012Basic Guide for RF online December 19 2012 by earlsumalinog Bellato are small elves which use Light Force (magic that includes healing and support buffs) physical combat ranged combat and specialize in creating and maneuvering massive armor units also known as MAU's My RF online character Shield Miller class / Rider (class

Sep 10 2012kk/cc tanya donk job warrior bellato yang bgs buat pvp Berserker atau Shiled Miller ya? tadi sempat mau ngebikin berserker cuma kata temen berserker gampang matinya kalo diserang Striker n Grazier jadi bingung maw ambil ap tolong sarannya ya/gb-swt1

Jul 03 2013Bellato Besides being able to use magic bellato can use different types of holy magic as buffs and support (ie the increase HP/MP regen spell) bellato is the only race amongst the 3 than utilizes both machinery and magic After level 30 bellato can job change into the pilot class and pilot a mech and use it for battle

Pengetahuan dasar RF Online yg mungkin belum kamu Isi Box item RF Online cara unsealed charm / broken generator RF Online Skill Paketan Cora RF Online Tips Fast Hunt RF Online Sejarah Rising Force Online Farming buat lvl 40+ RF Online List senjata Langka di RF Online Job Mage Ragnarok Online [Guide] Ranger Cross Shield Miller RF

Jun 08 2017- Shield Miller Defense yang sangat tinggi di tambah block rate yang tak main-main dari defender dan fortification job ini menjadi defense andalan di kalangan patriot union Lainnya dari bellato job rf job bellato rf online profesi bangsa bellato rf online job bellato Ditulis Oleh

RF Online News Events Guides Bellato Warrior Classes in RF Here is a guide on the bellato warrior class of Cabal and it's not my work I took it from other website which edited by sunshine Hope you could enjoy the game In RF they have the highest defense and that doubles with a shield

Bellato Red MAU High 1 000 000 000 Dalant Bellato Red MAU High Destroyed 500 000 000 Dalant Repair Turncoat Shield Miller → 90 Cash Coin Capsule Turncoat Astraler → 100 Cash Coin Capsule RFPSC - Indonesia RFPS Community Rising Force RF Private Server

Apr 18 2017This guide is simply to help you go leveling solo Base class x Shielder provides you a great HP thus helping you go tank Selling your starting weapons and potions (chargers) will give you 170 dallant Which is very low so better loot items as you go leveling Use wind elven blade it gives you speed while leveling Bellato Race

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